Full Stack Development

Over the next 9 months you will be fully engaged in a rigorous program that will allow you to learn all you need to develop 21st century skills


This is an early stage program for young people between the ages 14-17 to get started with programming.

Mother's Connect

Mother’s Connect is an exciting Initiative aimed at helping young moms to be, new and older moms share and learn from each other’s experiences. It equips young mothers with the knowledge and skills of parenting children in a nurturing, warm, responsive, sensitive, and flexible way that allows children to grow and thrive.


This is designed to support individuals create sustainable businesses for a growing economy. 


This is a 6 months program focused at building the next generation of marketing specialists. In this program, you are introduced to the principles of frontend development such as HTML, CSS and basic Javascript, combined with principles of digital marketing concepts such as managing social media handles, SEO, SEM, email marketing, marketing analytics.