Empowering the future

Our goal is to develop a replicable and sustainable model where
marginalized and least fortunate young people are empowered to become
independent and take charge of their own lives.

Young people in Cameroon cannot be left behind as the world explores avenues in leading technologies such as transformation, digitization, automation, data science and artificial intelligence. As such we are committed to providing accessible workshops, talks and programs to improve these skills for young people.

The DELC Foundation


A world where youth feel respected enabled and supported in taking action to shape their own lives and those in their communities


Enable Cameroon’s youth and connect them to aspirational socio-economic opportunities and engage them as active change makers

Strategic Pillars


Build pathways to aspirational socio-economic opportunities for 2 million youth in Cameroon


Facilitate youth to gain relevant skills for productive lives and the future of work


Enable young women and mothers to create space for developing their entrepreneurial skills


  • Build perspectives of young people for employability, digital, and entrepreneurship skills to prepare them for the future of work
  • Support young people’s entrepreneurial ideas to nurture young people’s creativity and innovation in areas such as start-ups, agribusinesses, small and medium-sized businesses, etc across the country
  • Identify high-impact, entrepreneur initiatives and enable roll-out  by preparing companies to be investment ready through coaching and shared value partnerships 
  • Identify whitespaces and co-create solutions with youth as volunteers to ensure they are drivers and agents of social change.
  • Young people engage as volunteers – as problem solvers of their community, as connectors, networkers, mentors, collaborators, and partners; Young people will engage to give back to their communities
  • Build positive parenting skills and support the mental health and psychosocial well-being of adolescents’ mothers while enhancing their entrepreneurial mindset 


DELC training programs are conducted in cohorts for the program duration. This is done to enhance the learning experience of participants.

  • For experiential learning
  • Exchange ideas with peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Build connections for a lifetime.
Please check our individual program pages for more details on the journey and availability of the next cohort.


Voices of Success

Inspiring Testimonials from our Students

I recently attended a coding boot camp by Delc Foundation, and it was a game-changer for me. Thanks to the program, I was able to greatly enhance my programming skills, become proficient in coding, work within a team, and contribute to open-source projects.

I gained a deeper understanding of more complex coding topics and was able to read and comprehend code written by senior developers. Overall, the Delc Foundation coding boot camp was an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their Tech skills.

Entering the DELC foundation boot camp was a great opportunity for me. I learned a lot of great things during the boot camp especially when it comes to IT. Today I can call myself a developer. This is because I was taught from scratch how to code. We started from scratch with basic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, and Javascript. And we further continued with other languages.

But apart from the fact that we were taught, I also liked the way we were treated and am happy with the type of serious and great people I met at the Bootcamp. So I want to thank you Daïsy and Churchill for granting me this opportunity. If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend.

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