Mother's Connect

Mother’s Connect is an exciting Initiative aimed at helping young moms to be, new and older moms share and learn from each other’s experiences. It equips young mothers with the knowledge and skills of parenting children in a nurturing, warm, responsive, sensitive, and flexible way that allows children to grow and thrive.

All parents experience different motions as their children grow from one state to another. It can be even more challenging for young people who are becoming parents for the first time. With the right support from family, friends, and a community of young women helping each other, Mothers Connect enables young moms to navigate these challenges and be fully present to support their children.

Mothers Connect is an inclusive space where young mothers will have the opportunity to consult with nutritionists, fitness trainers and get medical referrals on an array of health topics and issues they might be experiencing.

This program will develop the knowledge and skills on stress management and self-care; how to make the transition from pregnancy to parenting; baby’s development; work on your relationship and connection with your baby; choose the best foods for you and your baby; postpartum depression and anxiety; and what services and programs are available in our community and much more.

Three interrelated components of Mothers Connect are:

  1. Prenatal: incorporates mindfulness-based stress management and self-care practices that support healthy and positive childbirth experiences.
  2. New Mom: provides mindfulness-based stress management and self-care practices that ease the transition to being a new parent and support positive connections with their babies.
  3. Infant care: provides parenting and mindfulness practices to support for sensitive, responsive, consistent parenting and positive parent-infant relationships.