At DELC Foundation we are nurturing volunteerism to foster a mindset in young people to care about causes, and people, and create an awareness of different issues across the globe. This will allow young people to position themselves as voices in their communities and participate, while also belonging to a global community of impact-driven people.


As a volunteer, you will bring your passion and leadership to serve your community. DELC’s Volunteerism mandate aligns with the Skills and Young People of Tomorrow initiative. Volunteers are encouraged to champion innovations and be the change they want to see happen in their communities.

Lastly, as a volunteer, the people you work with will eventually become lifetime connections. Creating a bond within these groups’, volunteers will learn about each other’s lives, build trust, understand diversity, test their teamwork and leadership skills as they give back to communities. Through this experience at DELC, it is our hope that every young person who volunteers will develop leadership skills and networks, and find it rewarding to contribute to change as you grow in your interests and navigate a dynamic social world.

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