Full Stack Development

Over the next 9 months you will be fully engaged in a rigorous program that will allow you to learn all you need to develop 21st century skills. This program is aimed at training beginners and persons with less than 1 year experience to become a full stack-developer. After training participants will be able to work on client facing projects over 3 months. We hope to bring a cohort of like minded individuals.

Front End Development, Back End Development and Application Development


2. CSS

3. Responsive web design

4. Building forms

5. Git commands

6. JavaScript (Introduction to JavaScript. Learn how to add interactive experiences to a website and how to create animations and games)

7. PHP 

8. Python

Introduction to front-end and back-end web development and create your first web pages on the Internet.

Front End Development :-Create and style websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learn and collaborate introduction to version control and how to maintain a web development project.

Back End Development:-Take your JavaScript skills to the server-side! Learn how to fully craft your site’s backend , the most popular back-end JavaScript framework!

Your Journey as a Frontend developer

Your Journey as a backend developer

Your Journey as a mobile and a full stack dev