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DELC strives to harness the creative talents of young people with out-of-the-box approaches to fashion solutions for their immediate communities or the larger context of Cameroon.

The DELC Foundation

DELC Foundation is here to develop a replicable and sustainable model of helping marginalized and least fortunate young people to become independent and take charge of their own lives in the health, agriculture, and education sectors one at a time to ensure that the course of their lives become better for good.


A world where youths feel respected, enabled, and supported in taking action to shape their own lives and those in their communities


Equip the future workforce with essential 21st Century skills to thrive in a rapidly advancing world.

DELC Values


We want major innovations in agriculture, fashion, media and every other industry on the continent.


We are concerned about the entire journey of the child to ensure consistency, continuity and build a community that can provide maximum support and service provision. Working together to guarantee success. We understand that it takes a village to raise a child. 


To pass on a better place is all we hope to do as we pass on earth from generation to generation. Therefore, we need leaders who will create, manage, protect, and transfer ideas. Therefore, er need to build leadership capability in every domain.

What we strive to Accomplish

DELC strives to harness the creative talents

We strive to harness the creative talents of young people with out-of-the-box approaches to develop solutions for their immediate communities and importantly create more opportunities for job creation, matching and apprenticeships for employment.

Our Programs


Learn electronics, programming, and mechanical design to build robots and automation systems.

Software Development

Learn coding languages and frameworks, build projects, and collaborate with peers


Incorporating a mindset of change, learning, unlearning, and becoming solution builders.

Mother's Connect

Mother's Connect is an initiative for moms to share and learn from each other's experiences

Become a Volunteer

To provide youths with a platform for development and leadership. To further their passions and provide them a gateway into their careers.

Voices of Success

I was able to learn a range of technologies and programming tools. I got to use Frontend, GitHub, and Backend. It almost sounds impossible to believe. The Delc Bootcamp made it all possible.
Muki Jennifer
Web Developer
The Delc Foundation coding boot camp was an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their programming skills.
Enow Sinke
Full Stack Developer
Learning with DELC has been one of the best experiences I had. Having fun and acquiring skills at the same time made me have more confidence in myself.
Titashiou Serge
Full Stack developer

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